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Mine Følgesvenner, Velkommen!

Not so long ago my brothers readied their longboats, much like the one pictured below. They gathered their crews and set sail across the mighty sea to conquer new lands.

But alas, one of the ships sailed right through a time portal and ended up in a place called The Modern World. Those who reside there claim it to be the "Twenty-first Century." Uff da! You can imagine how stunned e'eryone was! My brother's were prepared to do battle until they saw vessels, beyond their wildest imaginations, outflank them. They raised the white flag and were taken into custody by warriors who called themselves, "the Coast Guard."

The CG warriors, which my brother's now call them, were just as surprised by what they saw! They were kind and helpful, but very wary ... as they should be! O'er a period of time my brother's met many important people and shown great things. By the gods in Valhalla, they e'en saw things that had to do with Vikings! 'Tis true, my friends!

Then one day they were moved from their comfortable quarters and forced to stay in a "special holding place." This did not sit well with them and my brother's rebelled in true viking style! They were able to battle their way out, borrow a CG warrior ship, along with some important items, and set sail. The time portal was located and entered before they could be captured.

Not pleased at having to leave a perfectly good longboat behind, but one must make do under such dire circumstances. 'Twas discussed if e'er they shall try to find that time portal again, for it did intrigue!

Wish to know about the Fenris Wolf?

Ja, ja!
A humorous rating of those in Asgard

These ornaments shall remain here all year round for I truly believe in what they represent ... Faith, Hope, Love.
Now if only those idjit orcs would agree! *chuckles*

My homeland has changed in the Modern World, and marked with flags by those who claimed the area. From left to right . . .

Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark,
and Faroe Islands.

If you wish to learn some information about a country, touch its flag.

The Vikings Medieval Scandinavia
Vikings: North American Saga Encyclopedia Mythica: Norse mythology

Are you aware the world be round not flat?

Hear the Swedish Chef translate for me.
(touch the spinning globe)

Photo © Monty Sloan
These two shall lead you to the International Wolf Center!


Do not forget to visit these Vikings!

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