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      Kalaallit Nunaat

      The world's largest island, about 84% ice-capped. Greenland was granted self-government in 1978 by the Danish parliament; in 1979 the law went into effect. Denmark continues to exercise control of Greenland's foreign affairs.
      Chief of state is Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (since 14 January 1972). Prime Minister is Hans Enoksen (since 14 December 2002).
      Capital of Greenland is Nuuk (Godthab), and June 21 (longest day) is the National holiday.

      Location: Northern North America, island between the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Canada.
      Greenland dominates the North Atlantic Ocean between North America and Europe. The area is approximately 2,175,600 sq km (Est: 341,700 sq km ice-free. 1,833,900 sq km ice-covered). Terrain consists of flat to gradually sloping icecap which covers all but a narrow, mountainous, barren, rocky coast. Natural hazard is the continuous permafrost over northern two-thirds of the island. Climate consists of cool summers, and cold winters.

      Population: About 56,385 people live in Greenland.
      The majority of residents are Inuit and Greenland-born whites (88% Greenlanders). Approximately 12% include Danish and other ethnic groups. Sparse population is confined to small settlements along coast, but close to one-quarter of the population lives in the capital, Nuuk (Godthab); world's second largest ice cap. Main languages spoken are Greenlandic (East Inuit), Danish, and English.

      Religious Denomination: Evangelical Lutheran (Main).

      Agriculture: Products include forage crops, garden and greenhouse vegetables.
      Also, sheep, reindeer, and fish.

      Economy: Greenland's economy remains critically dependent on exports of fish and fish products (94%), and substantial support from the Danish Government.
      The public sector plays the dominant role in the economy. Tourism offers potential, but even this is limited due to a short season and high costs.

      Currency: The Danish krone (DKK).

      Greenland's flag shall take you back

      Source~World Factbook

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