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Shy's Library

Reaching the top of the stairs, you find another door . . .

It, too, is unlocked and so you enter the room. You find yourself surrounded by shelves upon shelves of books!

Moving over to one particular shelf that seems to magically beckon you to come closer, you reach out and select a green covered book that says 'PHOTOS' hoping to find pictures of Lady Shylah's family. But alas! And much to your surprise . . .

You find the book hollowed out, and resting within you see a silver key and a small scroll! . . .

Unrolling the piece of parchment you read the finely scripted words that tell of the many rooms filled with fun stories. It also says there are secret passageways and treasure to be found! But wait! -- there is a warning -- beware of trap doors! Oh my!

If you choose to continue, then move to the door guarded by the knights. Do not forget to replace the items back into the hollowed-out book and then back onto the shelf. Takk!

If you choose not to continue, the little knight shall take you back to the main gate. Tis my hopes you shall return later!

Follow me for the way back to the main gate!

2001 NorseLady~AMS~DM
All rights reserved worldwide.