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Uff da! You fell through a trap door!
'Tis spooky down here, for sure, and you begin to see creepy things!

A skeleton? Oh my! *shivers*

We need to find a way out!

I do not like all these eyes staring at us!

Has anyone a candle?

Be that a friendly ghost?


Methinks I hear a rat!

Methinks I saw a rat!

Have you found an exit or door yet?!

I do not care for spiders, especially large ones!
*stays far away from the web*

Ooooo, there be a book like the one we saw in the room!
Should we see if it can lead us out of here?
But, that strange pumpkin points to a staircase!
You choose!

©2002 NorseLady~AMS~DM