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    Top O' The Morn!

    May you have all the happiness
    And luck that life can hold--
    And at the end of your rainbows
    May you find a pot of gold!

    Pat and Jimmy-Joe met and one said to the other, "Have ye seen Mulligan lately, Pat?"
    Pat said, "Well, I have and I haven't."
    His friend asked, "Shure, and what d'ye mean by that?"
    Pat said, "It's like this, y'see...I saw a chap who I thought was Mulligan, and he saw a chap that he thought was me. And when we got up to one was neither of us."

    ruff ruff
    'Riverpaws' at BlackDog's House!

    St Paddy's Day Fun

    All About Ireland St Patrick's from Ireland

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