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    Have You E'er Entered A Dragon's Lair?

    Dragonslayer artwork © Matt Stawicki. Ranthor battles Morgog in his nest.

    I remember the first time I saw a ten-headed dragon. Uff da, he had moved into a kingdom that I be visiting and the king was furious! He raged, "Confound that beast and his twenty eyes.. now I suppose he shall ask for my daughters for his wives!" Personally, methinks if that dragon wanted the females... 'twould be for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But I was surprised for the dragon *did* ask for their hands in marriage. As the king sat upon his throne lamenting, the royal bandleader came shuffling up. "Your Majesty", he said, waving his arms in distress, "all the royal bandsmen have left the kingdom!" The king became more angry and shouted at the poor man, "How can you speak to me of this when a ten-headed dragon has taken up residence in my kingdom?" The bandleader thought this to be a stroke of luck and decided to see if he could talk the dragon into being his band.

    I watched as the strange little man loaded all the instruments on a cart and set off for the dragon's lair. And if you know me, I did follow to see what fate the male would encounter! Again, I was surprised to see that the dragon thought the idea to be wonderful. So the bandleader handed him the drum, the bass, the clarinet, the tuba, and the piccolo. I could barely believe my eyes, but 'tis true! Yet, I felt something was not quite right and placed an "anti-magic shell" about myself just to be on the safe side! I thanked the gods in Valhalla that I did. You see, when the bandmaster raised his baton and told the ten-headed dragon to play, something magical happened. It turns out that whome'er the baton is waved at must play to the bandleader's time, and anybody within the kingdom must dance. The dragon did play, like a whole band. And all the people of the kingdom danced, e'en the king himself.

    I could not stand to listen to the music for more than two moons rising and quickly found a new portal to make my escape. Unless they have stopped, they be dancing to the dragon's music to this day. Uff da!

    'Tis my thought that each dragon enjoys certain activities. Take care, watch your back, and do not make any sudden or threatening moves!

    My friends, a very interesting encounter happened to me. If you wish to know more, follow the fire-breathing dragon below. Mayhaps you shall say, "Hmmmmm!"

    The Constellation ~ Draco Many Lairs of DragginMama

    Animated gif © Kevin Palivec. You can't catch me .. hehehe!
    That little drac sure enjoys the music!

    Ooooo ... Takk for nå, DragginMama!

    Animated gif © Kevin Palivec.
All rights reserved.
    Farvel ... good luck storming the castle!

    ©1994-2005 NorseLady~AMS~DM