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    Safe Return

    Solveig put up a tent of reindeer skins beside the giant's nose, and lived there for a long time with her herd of reindeer, which the snow giant caught for her in the palm of his hand. She had a fine time. She told the snow giant fairy tales she had heard at home, and as a reward he let her catch fish in his eyes, which were as deep as a couple of lakes.

    But one day Vinehr heard a quiet sobbing. "What is the matter, Solveig, are you homesick?" he asked. "I am very homesick," she admitted. "Perhaps father and mother are already crying for me." -- "Well," grunted Vinehr, "it would be better if you were to go back home. Anyway, I cannot move on your account, in case I might crush you."
    "And I cannot sneeze, for fear of blowing you away. You will be better off at home, and if your brother should bother you again, just you call me!"
    Then he took Solveig carefully in the palm of his hand, blew with all his might, and sent her floating through the air like a snowflake, right down to the door of her snow-house.

    "Where have you been so long?" her brother snapped at her angrily, and he was just about to teach her a lesson when she called out: "Vinehr, Vinehr, help me, my brother wants to hurt me!"
    At that moment the distant snow giant sneezed so mightily that the wicked brother rolled for three days and three nights across the snowy fields. When he finally returned back home, he never touched Solveig again. He believed that she was hand-in-glove with the spirits of the snows!
    ~ The End

    I hope you enjoyed this little tale. Take care, be good, and just mayhaps the reindeer fairy shall appear in thy dreams!

    Illustration by Karel Franta

    To Elves, Faeries, and Wizards

    ©2004 NorseLady~AMS~DM