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Velkommen to

All stop to stare at the mysterious, foreboding castle glad to have arrived before sunset. You ask Shylah to tell one of the legends she heard while growing up in her homeland. Looking up at the sky, judging the time, she nods in agreement and begins. . .

It be a dark, and stormy night ...

Laughs as Sven interrupts and yells out, "Let's storm the castle!!" Shy replies, "Very well. The time hath come to find out what lay ahead, ja?" Adjusting her scabbard, she strides toward the drawbridge.

Following her lead, everyone prepares to make their way across the bridge and into the castle through the main gate. But wait... was that movement in one of the upper tower windows? Perhaps your imagination is playing tricks on you. You stare at that darkened window, narrowing your eyes.

If you still wish to continue, then hurry... the others are far ahead already.