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Greetings ... or as we say in my homeland, Hyggelig å treffe deg!

If ye be here then ye be an adventurer, ja? Tis good, my friend, for mayhaps ye shall decide to go on a quest with me, Shylah Vulpecula™, my ektemann, Parth Lobo™, and our good friend, Sven, to locate the mysterious Castle Stavensson™, and uncover the secret within!

'Twas three days ago that a special messenger arrived at my humble abode bearing a letter and package from my deceased great-great-great-great grandfather, Sigurd Stavensson™. Sigurd stated that the first-born, red-headed female in our family lineage be inheriting the castle upon reaching the age of twenty-one. I be amazed because to my knowledge the castle be a myth, a fable told to me when I was but a child growing up. My brothers enjoyed frightening me often with spooky tales called, The Legends of Castle Stavensson™. None of us knew the castle truly existed until now.

I would hath received this information two years ago if I remained at home instead of adventuring. But alas, a Vike be a Vike and the questing blood runs through my veins! *chuckles* But I digress. What be in the package ye wish to know?

It be this dagger and book.

Guard this with thy life!

Great-great-great-great grandfather indicated that I must take both of these items along if I was to visit the castle. Parth decided to go on ahead and meet us in the hamlet of Trundleheim™ which, according to the letter, be on the route to Stavensonland™. If ye wish to travel with us to my newly acquired Castle Vulpecula™ *grins*, then I shall place the book within thy care for safe keeping. Doth ye have the fortitude? Then let us be on our way!

[The Journey Begins]All right Shy! Onward, to storm thy castle!